Goodnight & God Bless: The Red Skelton Story

Friday, October 11 – 7:30pm
Saturday, October 12 – 7:30pm
Sunday, October 13 – 3:00pm


Do you know the story of one of the most famous residents of Indiana ever born?

Written by Executive Artistic Director of Premier Arts, Craig Gibson, with music and lyrics by local composer Liesl Bell, Goodnight and God Bless: The Red Skelton Story is a tribute to the legendary comedian and Indiana native. Born Richard Bernard Eheart, July 18, 1913 in Vincennes, Indiana, Skelton started his comedy career in vaudeville. By 1937, Skelton grew to be a nationally known comedian of his day. Best known for his work in national radio and television as host of the variety sketch program, The Red Skelton Show. Skelton passed on September 17, 1997 at age 84, leaving behind a comedic legacy.

Goodnight and God Bless: The Red Skelton Story features three phases of Red Skelton’s life from his early childhood years, to his budding Hollywood career, to his 20-year run on the The Red Skelton Show. Take a peek behind the many faces of Red Skelton and fall in love with this true story of hilarity, heartbreak, and humility.


Producing Partners: Jack & Laura Smith