Premier Arts Virtual Academy

Check out our activities below to help keep minds and bodies engaged!

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Dance & Music


Today marks our FINAL Virtual Academy activity for our Spring Semester so we’re going out with a bang! We challenge you to show us your original choreography to whatever song in whatever style that you love most!


If you’re going ape being stuck inside, we’ve got the perfect dance for you! Today Dance Instructor, Sarah Robinson, is breaking down the choreography to “Trashing the Camp” from the Disney musical Tarzan!


Stretch out your legs and make some space because today Dance Instructor, Jessica DuBois, is leading you through a leap tutorial to help you with all styles of dance.


Tune up your ukulele and grab some friends to sing along because today Ukulele Instructor, Andrew Kreider, is breaking down the chords to “Edelweiss” from The Sound of Music!


Now is the time to seize the day and get your body moving because today Dance Instructor, Jessica DuBois, is breaking down the choreography from our production of Newsies the Musical!


Are you getting antsy to cut loose? Then join Dance Instructor, Quinci Julian, as she takes you through this fun and fast paced dance tutorial to Footloose!


Pull out your tutu and lace up the slippers because today Dance Instructor, Sarah Robinson, is taking you through a beginner ballet plié warm up. Tune in to learn the proper plié posture and the 5 fundamental ballet positions!


Get ready to make some music with Director of Education, Ashlea Harrington! With just a few simple items from around your home, Ashlea will show you how to turn popsicle sticks into a musical instrument with this fun and easy at-home craft!


Get those toes a-tappin’ today because Dance Instructor, Jessica DuBois, is taking you through an intermediate level tap combination to that classic tune, “Singing in the Rain!”


Whether you need to learn how to pirouette or you just need a refresher, Dance Instructor Jessica DuBois has got you covered. Use this quick step-by-step guide to lock down that perfect turn!

"Another Day of the Sun" Dance Tutorial

The sun is coming out and it’s got Dance Instructor Quinci Julian in the mood to teach this dance tutorial to “Another Day of Sun” from the hit movie La La Land!

Boom Chicka Boom Sing-Along

Get ready to embrace that silly side as Acting Instructor, Tanner Smale, leads you through a fun sing along song called “Boom Chicka Boom!”

Seussical Dance Tutorial

Last year we opened our season with Seussical the Musical where this fun and aerobic dance combination by Jessica DuBois kicked off the show! Now is your chance to learn it for yourself!


Today Dance Instructor, Quinci Julian, is taking you through some high-energy and fun choreography to Hamilton’s “The Room Where it Happens”!

Basic Tap Moves Warm-Up Combination

For anyone who is wanting to begin learning to tap dance, today our Dance Instructor Sarah is breaking down a simple and useful basic tap move warm-up combination! Learn each move and follow along.

“Nicest Kids in Town” Dance Tutorial

Check out this tutorial by one of our Dance Instructors, Sarah Robinson, as she breaks down some fun and easy to follow choreography to Hairspray’s “Nicest Kids in Town”!

“Too Darn Hot” Dance Tutorial

Make some space and grab some water because today’s activity is both a dance lesson AND a workout! Join one of our Dance Instructors, Quinci Julian, and as she teaches you actual choreography from the 2019 Broadway production of Kiss Me Kate!

A Dream is a Wish” Lyrical Dance Tutorial

Get those pretty hands and pretty feet ready! Today our Dance Instructor, Jessica DuBois, is guiding you through some lyrical choreography for all levels to the song “A Dream is a Wish”! Be sure to stretch and give yourself some space before you float around the room

“Switch” Hip Hop Line Dance Tutorial

Get ready to raise that heart rate and have fun doing it! Today our Hip Hop Instructor, Cody Smith, teaches you a quick and fun hip hop line dance!

Write Your Own Parody Contest

For this week’s contest, we are challenging each of you to write your own parody song! A parody is a usually a song with humorous lyrics written to a recognizable tune so have fun with this!

“Un Poco Loco” Dance Tutorial

Today’s activity is perfect for all of you younger dancers to get you bodies moving and having fun! Join our Dance Instructor, Quinci Julian, as she teaches step-by-step choreography to “Un Poco Loco” from Coco!

“I’m a Believer” Ukulele Chords

Grab your ukulele and pull up a chair as our instructor, Andrew Kreider, teaches you the chords to play “I’m a Believer” by The Monkees! 

“Get Ready/ Dancing in the Street” Dance Tutorial

 Make some room and get ready to have fun as our Dance Instructor, Jessica DuBois, teaches you choreography to “Get Ready/Dancing in the Street” from Motown the Musical!

Arts & Crafts


If you’re needing a realistic and inexpensive method for creating trees, rocks, and nature scenery, our Technical Director Zak Harrington has got you covered with this easy step-by-step guide to paper maché!


Give your set an old and decrepit feel with this simple plaster and lath paint effect. So grab your paint supplies as Scenic Artist, Tanner Smale, guides you through another step-by-step paint tutorial


The end of the week brings prizes! Today we are challenging you to create a Set Design Model using materials you can find around the house! Whether it’s from your imagination or a show you know and love, we want to see it!


Create your very own hologram with this simple how to guide with Technical Director, Zak Harrington! He’s showing you step-by-step on how to turn a CD case into your very own hologram projector!


That’s right, it’s Friday and that means it’s time for another contest! Get out your scissors and glue guns because today we challenge you to recreate an iconic prop from a Broadway production!


Calling all creative thinkers and future engineers! For this weekend’s contest, we challenge all of you to create a Rube Goldberg Machine! A Rube Goldberg Machine is a is a machine made up of everyday objects intentionally designed to perform a simple task in an indirect and overly complicated way. Get the whole family involved and see what you can create!

How to Make a Cell Phone Projector

In today’s tutorial our Technical Director, Zak Harrington, is showing us how to make a projector for your cell phone by only using simple items around your home! So get ready to project your favorite videos from your smart phone!

Easy Cherry Blossom Tree Art

Grab some Q-Tips and your favorite colors as our Scenic Artist, Tanner Smale, shows you an easy way to create beautiful cherry blossom tree art!

Sock Bunny Easter Craft

It’s almost Easter so that must mean it’s bunny season! Join our Director of Education and Craft Queen, Ashlea Harrington, as she walks you through a step-by-step guide on how to make your own easy DIY Easter Bunny Buddy craft!

Scenic Art 101: Brick Painting

Grab your paints, paper towel, and brushes (if you’ve got em!) Today our Scenic Artist, Tanner Smale, will walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to create 3-dimensional bricks with paint!

How to Make a Pencil Bow & Arrow

For today’s lesson our Technical Director, Zak Harrington, is showing you how to make a fun bow & arrow with just the simple things lying around your house! KIDS: Please make sure you ask an adult for help!

Easy DIY Music Shaker Craft

Let’s make some music! Today our Director of Education, Ashlea Harrington, leads you step by step on how to create your own fun Music Shaker using only things lying around your home!

Acting & Imagination


If you’re looking for a simple way to take your acting to the next level, Acting Instructor, Tanner Smale, is going to introduce you to the actor’s new best friend: GOTE!

Create Your Own Hair Design

This week we are challenging you to show us your hair styling skills! Design your own beautiful, funky, stylish, or crazy hair look using your own hair or even a wig!

Create Your Own Makeup Look

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another contest! This week’s contest is for all the make-up enthusiasts out there! We challenge you to get creative and have fun creating your very own make-up design. It could be based on a character you love or just your own fun design!

Make Your Own Costume Contest

We challenge each of you to create your own costume with the things you’ve got lying around your house. It can be based off of an existing character or a character all your own!

Create a Character Challenge

Join our Acting Instructor, Tanner Smale, as he reverts to his childhood playing dress up in the basement! Using items in your closet, give a brand new character life!